This is my attempt to begin to educate the internet about mental illness. So please, if you have any questions, concerns, curiosities, please ask me. I would love to answer your questions, no matter how strange or invasive they are. 

I want people to not be afraid to talk about it.

I am prepared to be an open book, because I firmly believe that the only way to standardize, improve and hold accountable the medical and legal systems that people like me are forced to interact with, is to break any and all taboos and start a real dialogue.

So, ask your questions. I will answer and publish every one of them.

(You can learn more about NAMI’s #act4mentalhealth campign here).



Do you have any idea how fucking diminishing it is that nobody ever takes me into account enough to be properly mad at me?
Because, let me tell you, I’m an asshole.

And I’m a total hypocrite because I am, on the whole, a better person when I can be detached and flitter from thought to thought with serenity but if you do manage to cut in and make me a little shitty and petty then I’m just going to hold it against you that I’m not important enough for you to be dragged down with me.